Facilities Management / Facilities GIS

 Facility management is all about location. Using location as the common denominator to create order out of complex facility related data is a concept that is powerful and actionable. GIS allows efficient sharing of information in and out of the field, providing a comprehensive view of operations. GIS can be used throughout the life cycle of a facility – from site selection, design and construction to use, maintenance and adaptation. The challenge is to manage each step of the process in a way that maximizes the benefits of the facility while minimizing short- and long-term impacts. As an integrative platform for management and analysis of all spatial things, we believe GIS is a technology that has the ability to scale across any expanse, from the individual asset within a building to a virtually global context. 
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 "Our new webGIS portal will transform our actual data and GIS team to a level that will allow us to be solution providers to all organization needs. Through inovation and user experience technics we will be able to have the agility to give quick responses to various challenges and problems of a 24/7 workforce." 
 Marisa L. Guerreiro I Direção de Desenvolvimento de Infraestruturas Aeronáuticas 

Event/Fault Management

 Smartgeo Understands Utilities Network Needs. We can Bring OSS & BSS TOGETHER in event and fault management solutions and enhance the knowledge on your Network with the Power of LOCATION. You can PREDICT FAULTS and support customer service with enhanced information You can SAVE MONEY in call center and maintenance teams. Deeper and geographic understanding of service quality and fault events can provide massive time savings in early planning stage. 

Location Intelligence and Big Data

 In Smartgeo, we believe in smart mapping! Executives and managers need more Location Strategy and Awareness. With our strong software engeneering focus and GIS expertise with Big Data and Real-Time integration, we help our customer to transform maps into solutions and leverage the undersanding of big data and business issues enabling organizations to quickly sense, decide and act. 
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GIS Expert Consulting

 Bring LOCATION to all the business information. With our expertised senior team we can build powerful GIS platforms and solutions that provide user-friendly interactive maps with the focused information to everyone from Business Support Systems to Operation Support Systems representatives. From Utilities & Telcos, Transportation and Local Government we believe GIS is an important way to achive bigger challenges.